ZerviTech Computer Repair Miami                                 High Quality is our Priority          


Zervitech is a computer repair service base in south west Miami, founded by passionate individuals who love the high tech world.

At ZerviTech we love what we do, thats why High Quality is our Priority.

ZerviTech refers to ZerviTech LLC a computer repair bussines base in south west Miami.

Computer Repair is our passion, we been doing it for several years now and is undoubtedly one of the tasks we love to do every day. If you need to repair your computer ZerviTech is among many one of the best solutions in the area of ​​miami. Not only because of our experience in the field, but also by the quality and cleanliness of our work. ZerviTech is all in one, a full service capable of solving the most complex problems, either software or hardware on your computer or smart phone.

One advantage of repair computer or smart phone with us unquestionably are our prices, we ensure and guarantee that when you hire our services you will be doing the best deal for your money. Our team dedicates the heart to every project no matter how small it may be, from installing a home network, configure a printer, set up a home network, setup a wireless or wifi network, replacing the screen to iphone or android, no matter we assure overall performance and dedication.

Call today and ask about our diagnostic service from the comfort of your home, not disconnect the tangle of wires behind your desk we love cable management. Get in Touch now